Thursday, September 10, 2009

Star Books - Caps for Sale

Just like the children have practiced retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff they are also retelling Caps for Sale early in the kindergarten year. They practice retelling these classic stories so that when we ask them to "read" the story in the next few weeks, they will be able to look at the pictures and retell the story using the sequence, prosody and story language from the book. The teacher will use the Sulzby-Calkins rating scale to evaluate how well each child retells the story. When the child is retelling the story so that it sounds like they are reading it, although they are really retelling it, and they have made the letter-sound connection in their writing, they are ready for conventional reading. While this is the "work" of Readers' Workshop it is also so much fun for the children! They love playing the part of the peddler but they equally love playing the part of a monkey.

Retelling of Caps For Sale from Cheryl Dillard on Vimeo.

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