Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Are Fa-mi-ly!

Nancy Carter has been Chets Creek's Assistant Principal for the past two years, but come August she will open her own school as a new Principal. Today about 60 teachers, administrators, office staff, assistants, husbands and children gathered at her new school early in the morning. We planted and weeded gardens, moved a mountain of mulch, straightened shelves and closets, decorated bulletin boards in the common areas, cleaned, organized and rearranged. As always, we also laughed and had fun! Why would we spend part of our weekend during the summer at another school on the west side of town working so hard? Why indeed! Because we adore Nancy, but also because that's the way we are. We are a family and if someone is in need, there are always people who will be there for support.
Nancy with PE Coach and college roommate Estrella Bailey.
We hope that Nancy's teachers will understand how special she is, and that they will also know that she has a legion of family ready to help at any time, because we will be there... any time.

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manuelm said...

It was an awesome experience with Nancy and my new Chets Creek family, last Sunday. I pray that I am able to warm the hearts and touch the lives of our students, staff and parents, like Nancy. The amount of support I've seen thus far has been incredible, and I am confident that when I need it, it will be there for me as well.