Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Procedural Writing

Most of our first grade classrooms have recently completed a study of procedural writing, often called "how to" writing. Some teachers incorporate this genre into their nonfiction writing with reports and others treat it as a separate genre. The following is a good example of the writing we expect this time of year.

"Make a cupcake! For kids!"
Hey! Let your kids help with cupcakes! If you're worried, let them read this and you can help them! This will make them be able to know how to make cupcakes and to stay away from hot ovens! They will love it, making cupcakes with parents! Mixing icing! So fun!First you take flour, sugar, eggs, milk, a candle, a lighter and frosting and a bowl. And don't forget the spoon. Also the cupcake holder. (Notice the labeling in the picture!)

Next you take the ingredients and you take the bowl and spoon and mix it all together!

Next you take the mixture and pour it in the cupcake holder and put them into the oven.

And then you let a parent set the timer. Then you let it bake.

And then you let a parent take the cupcakes out of the oven and put them on the table.

Next with steady hands you squeeze and spread the icing however you want! You could also make designs!

Then you take the candle and put it where you want and let an adult light it!

And last you eat it!

There are lots of things to brag about in this first graders' directions for making cupcakes. You can tell, because of the change in paper, that the child added the introduction that orients the reader. The writer includes the ingredients and supplies that are needed and even remembers to label the ingredients in the first picture. She then writes clear steps for making the cupcakes and accompanies each next step with a clear picture. Transition words such as First, Next, And then, Then, And last are part of each step and she concludes the instructions with a closing statement, "And last, you eat it!" This is a delightful example of what you can expect to see in first grade portfolios this time of year!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Timmons, Thank you for posting my work on your blog! I really aperesheate it!I also know Mrs.Harbour had a talk with you.And again thank you!

From,Julia A.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mrs. Timmons, Thank you for taking the time to get all these terrific writing samples on-line. I am a literacy coach in New York City and have been using the work to share and learn from with my teachers. Thank you again!

Elizabeth Rodriguez, PS2M