Monday, October 29, 2007

Positive Postcards

 I was reminded of how powerful our weekly positive postcards are to our culture at Chets Creek.
Each Wednesday a positive postcard is stamped and placed in our cubbie. We are to fill in the postcard and drop it in the Principal's box by the end of the day. She reads each one and then sends it out - great way to keep up with all the positive things going on in such a large school! Postcards can be sent to students, staff or parents. Last week I sent my positive postcard to Eleana, a kindergartner, because she has been such a good friend to another student in our class that has his own challenges. I had watched as she had gently reminded him of the class routines and helped him when he seemed confused. I wanted her to know what a difference her thoughtfulness was making. That same week I received a postcard of my own at home in the mail. Maria Mallon sent me such a thoughtful, generous note. It caught me by surprise and caused tears to well up. I know how Eleana must have felt, because Maria's postcard touched my heart. It made me feel like what I was doing was making a difference... and is there any stronger feeling that that?!

Positive postcards are a cornerstone of our work and our culture at Chets Creek - such a simple routine that infuses positive pixie dust throughout the Magic Kingdom.

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Mrs.Mallon said...

Isn't it amazing how good a 35 cent postcard can make someone feel? Maybe it's the last remnant of days-gone-by with letter writing a thing of the past and e-mail taking its' place. A little written thought coming in the mail always makes my day...I'm glad I helped to brighten yours:)