Sunday, August 17, 2008

Church and State - May They Forever be Intertwined

Early in Chets Creek's history a small group of people began meeting at our school on Sundays. That small congregation, the Church at Chets Creek, grew over the years. As it grew our classrooms became Sunday School classes on Sunday morning and our halls were decorated in the summer with Bible School. I always loved knowing that people were praying in our building on Sunday mornings and often praying for us! They were always so considerate, sending flowers on the first day of school and remembering special events in the school's life. They have volunteered any number of times to move furniture and help prep the building for the first day. They single handily hung every bulletin board in the building. They have donated books so we could have professional book studies and partnered with us to send trucks of needed supplies to New Orleans after the hurricane. After all, we share many of the same families and many of our employees are active members at the church. After several years, the church outgrew our space and built their own sanctuary on adjoining property. Now we share parking lots for crowded events and so much good will. Today in my box at school, as in each faculty members' box, I received a card from the church reminding me that the church would be praying for me throughout this new school year. They also included a gift card to Starbucks! It put a smile on my face and just makes me feel good to be a teacher! Thank you, Church at Chets Creek... and keep praying!

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