Sunday, November 16, 2008

The First Grade Recycing Project

I have to admit that I am not a recycler. I don't have a good excuse really - I'm just not.
But we do have a first grade teacher, Haley Alvarado, that is passionate about saving our Earth and has been talking for a while now about getting a recycling program started at Chets Creek. When she first started talking about it, I thought it should be pretty easy - Recycling - Schools - should be an easy match. I was wrong. Nothing about getting the program started has been easy. Haley has made dozens and dozens and dozens of phone calls and has probably put hundreds of hours into the project by now. Haley's not a quitter. She has been quite determined. Good thing, because it certainly has taken perseverance! She wrote a Walmart educational grant and recently started working with a UNF group and so... Chets Creek first graders had their first "green" assembly last week. Haley introduced the children to the idea of recycling paper (in a school - imagine how much paper we can recycle?) and plastic. She provided each classroom with a recycling bin... and so we are off.

While I have never recycled (I always used those green bins for extra storage in my garage), I do promise to give this a try and to at least do what I expect our first graders to do. (I did actually purchase one of those cloth bags from Publix recently because I was taking fruit to school for a morning meeting and didn't want Haley to see me bring it in one of those "will be with us for a million years" plastic bags!) I'll let you know how it goes!!

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Suzanne said...

Bravo to Haley! Maybe this will catch on like wildfire and a teacher from each grade level will spearhead this planet saving journey for their team. Love it! And, just so Haley knows, I do my small part by using cloth Pubix bags. :)