Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to the Crab Shack!

"Welcome to the Crab Shack!"
Several years ago we studied the book FISH! as an entire faculty. It is the story about the famous and highly successful Pike's Fish Market in Seattle and teaches 4 important concepts that we applied to our school environment:
Be in the moment

Make their day


Choose your attitude

JB frying fish
That first year we studied the book we were welcomed to the Chets Creek Crab Shack during our regular lunch time to celebrate the philosophy. We enjoyed deep fried fresh fish, cheese grits, and cole slaw along with a row of fanciful desserts. As we entered the principal yelled, "Welcome to the Crab Shack," and everyone clapped and cheered as each new faculty member came inside the door. JB Boyd, our famous volunteer, spent the entire time frying fish! As each faculty member came in, they got to "go fishing!" From a bait box each one pulled a paper shaped fish with one of many prizes (Pepperidge Farm fish crackers, fish gummies, real live fish in a fish bowl - oh my! - gift cards from Starbucks, book stores and a host of other themed prizes). As we enjoyed the simple fellowship of eating together, we laughed and sang and just enjoyed being together. We were reminded in a very real way of how to be successful.

That first fish fry has developed into one of the many annual Chets Creek traditions. Sometime after the first of the year, the Crab Shack opens with Principal Phillips in charge for a single day in the Teachers' Dining Room to remind us once again that we are in charge of our own destiny - and that we can have FUN along the way! Welcome! - Welcome to the Chets Creek Crab Shack!


Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

We had a wonderful time and the Fish Fry. I think it was the best ever!!

Our Family said...

What a great idea! The school where I am currently coaching read the FISH Philosophy before I came on board. This would be a great way for the leadership team to remind everyone of the concepts in the philosopy in a fun way!