Friday, November 13, 2009

The Natives Come Marching In - Family Project

One of my favorite family projects during Pow Wow is the cardboard cutouts that go home with each kindergartner. Each family is to research the specific tribe that the class is studying and then as a family, they are to decorate their Native American. The native projects were due today. The kids were so excited as they came into the room sharing their projects with each other. In most classes each child had a chance to tell about their project. You could see the research and discussion that had gone on in each home as the children described why the natives used bark for cloth or shells for decorations, depending on the individual tribe. They also told about how they made their First American at home and which parts they did and which parts their parents did. From the simplest to the most ornate the children were so proud of their work. The examples shown are from the mighty Nootka tribe of the Pacific Northwest.
For representations of the peaceful Lenape tribe, check in with the natives from the Mall-ard's tribe.

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