Monday, January 11, 2010

2-Alarm Fire!

Over the weekend an apartment complex that is located across the street from the school experienced a devastating fire that displaced about 20 families. No lives were lost- thank goodness! - but the families basically lost everything. About half dozen of the children of those families attend school at Chets Creek. Before the morning after the fire, news had gone out about our children that were effected. Julie Middleton from our office had called each family to see what their needs were and the Principal had gone out to purchase a new backpack with supplies and a school tee-shirt for each of the children to have as they walked into the doors of the school this morning.  As I walked into my office the surrounding area was already covered with bags of clothes and toys and even baby furniture. Teachers and assistants began to sort the clothes into sizes so that parents and their children could begin to make choices. The families came in one by one... still in shock.

Chets Creek has always been that type of family. They are there when you need them. They have a heart as big as the school and the people inside really are a family who care about each other.

Another recent example was the Principal's husband who was in an accident over the holiday. Within an hour of notice to the faculty, a Google Doc was set up and meals were arranged until school started back. Notes, cards, e-mails, and meal gift cards poured in. As devastating as tragedy can be, it restores your soul when you have a reaction that comforts and soothes. "School" and "education" is about so much more than scores on a state test. This is what "learning"... about life... is really all about. I feel so fortunate to live with a family that cares so much! These are the lessons that I hope my children will take with them...

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