Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Emmys!

Chets Creek held its 13th Annual End of the Year Celebration with a luncheon and awards at the perfect location, the Friday Musicale to tie into our year long theme, "Orchestrating a Symphony of Student Success." The afternoon began with a delicious luncheon in the historical hall, famous for its musical recitals and a popular location for weddings and receptions. As the faculty began the sweets, Principal Susan Phillips began to read about 20 different letters that come unsolicited from parents about our faculty. Some were funny and many had us reaching for tissues as parents described how teachers had literally changed their lives.

Next the SAC and PTA were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the school. Our own former PTA President, Melissa Kicklighter, will become next year's county PTA President! The CCE Teacher of the Year, Math Council Teacher of the Year finalist, CCE Employee of the Year and new National Board teachers were also recognized. The "Budding Musicians" (first year teachers) were recognized with a pen and the parting word to "autograph your work with excellence."

As the principal presented each of the next awards she compared them to a part of the orchestra introducing the section with that type music. The Outstanding Bloggers were compared to the Woodwinds as the music of Kenny G played because they gave "sound to all our voices." The Brass Section represented relationships. As the brassy Night in Tunisia played, 7 members of the faculty were honored for always being at every school event, from baby showers to night time school events, even when their grade level wasn't involved. Two others were recognized for being so very thoughtful and grateful - examples that are models to us all. Another was honored for the way she embraced the relationship of a difficult child and another who has gone out of her way to make a difference in the life of a family. Of everything we represent, these awards, about relationships, are some of the most cherished.

With the drums beating in the background the Percussion section represented our Leadership Team which this year is our Curriculum Council, "the greatest talents of our time." The RtI team was honored as the string section playing it's peaceful music in the background. This group is one of the hardest working in the building. With the electric guitar squealing its sound, 3rd grade teachers who had their students perform 100% or better on the FCAT were called up to be honored.

The final honors are the most special as the Teams of the Year are announced. This year Great Balls of Fire introduced that dynamic Media Team that had the faculty instantly jumping to their feet with a standing ovation, only to be repeated again as the melodic I Got the Music in Me introduced our Para Team. I don't think there was a faculty member in the house that didn't recognize these teams as giving so much to the well being of the entire school. We are what we are because of them. Farewells were then said to three teachers leaving next year.
 As the awards were completed, they led into an hilarious slide show of the faculty! The slides with their edgy speech bubbles had us rolling in the aisles as we poked fun at all of our own quirkiness! For the grand finale the new theme was announced with a little video. This video will be shown every day next year to open up the day on our internal television show. Enjoy, "Cultivating a Community of Excellence."


Wright's Rippers said...

I teared up a little-what an adorable video! I am so amazed at all you do at Chet Creek. You all are an inspiration to teachers everywhere! Thanks so much for sharing. :)Jeanne

Anonymous said...

It's those days that made leaving so hard!
Love the video for next year and the theme has sooo many possibilities! :)


Susan T. Phillips said...

You did a great job of capturing the highlights of the day. I really enjoy being able to honor all our faculty and staff with this day. Can't wait for next year. Susan