Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome back to school!

We go back to school next Monday. My daughter and sister returned to their schools in the southern part of the state today and after talking to them both, I'm even more excited to be going back to Chets Creek. They both talked about starting their first day with a boring two hours Teachers' Meeting. The Principals at both schools talked about changes and then someone got up and spent quite some time dissecting all of the state testing scores. They were both bored out of their minds wishing they could just get in their rooms and get started.

Things at the Creek are much different on the opening day for teachers. For us it's a fun day of grade level skits and team building activities. Even the Principal's address, which is short and focused is cloked in theme-related fun. It's the most fun ever and I can't wait! Just to give you a little hint of the difference, take a look at the "letter" we just received from the Principal inviting us back. Can you already tell that things are mighty different at Chets Creek?!!!

Welcome Back to School 10-11 from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.

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Michelle Ellis said...

I am looking forward to the day also. Kindergarten met today and planned our skit :o) I think you will be excited about our "Kindergarden" theme