Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the Year Certificates

We have an end-of-the-year Awards Day. The parents are invited and we like to do something a little differently than our usual nine week awards for grades and citizenship. We also like to make sure that every single child gets an award. This year we gave out a list of each of the children's names to each child and asked them to write a word by each name of something they thought the student did really well. Then we brainstormed a list of good things we could say about our friends on the board. The students were welcome to use words from the list or to think up something on their own. We then took the lists and typed them into Wordle so that each child had a list of superlatives and printed a unique certificate for each child. We are so pleased with them because they capture the child and their first grade year in a word picture! I think children and parents are really going to like the result!

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