Thursday, July 21, 2011

Overheard in a first grade Summer School class...

The teacher was trying to access background knowledge for a small guided reading group as an introduction to a story about Thomas Jefferson.

Teacher: Who was our first President?

Child: O'rock Obama.

Teacher: No, Barack Obama is our President now. Does anyone remember who our first President was?

Another child: I know. It was George Lincoln.

Child: No, George Lincoln was our fifth President. I know because my mother showed me his picture in the Bible.

Another child: That's not right. It was George Washington. He fought in the Silver War. Both the teams had boats with B-I-I-I-G cannons and one of the teams won.

Child: Oh yeah, I know him. He lives in Washington,D.C., right beside the Statue of Liberty.
Believe it or not, every line is true!  Oh my! A little more background knowledge might be needed so this group can understand what they are about to read! Thank goodness for Summer School!

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