Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The End of Molasses Classes, Post 2: Parents

The Role of the Parent in the Success of the Child
Ron Clark spends time talking about a parent's accountability in Part 2 of his book.  There are so many of his points that I would like to turn into little articles for parents and even for teacher parents with their own children! 

I really like #26 where he talks about not being a helicopter parent.  He reminds parents that they can't always come to the rescue and bail their children out of trouble.  It is sometimes better that the child deal with the natural consequences.  That is the better lesson, but as parents we want to save our children from the hurt and pain.  But... it's the hurt and pain that are the lasting lesson and change the behavior- something we call learning!

 He also cautions against buying a video game system unless you want to police what the child is playing.  I love this because I don't think parents always realize that a gaming system can become a lifelong addiction and can fill too many hours that are meant for play and fun.

My all-time favorite - #32: Realize that even very good children will sometimes lie!  How many times have you heard a parent say, "My child does not lie!"  But the reality is that even the best of children will sometimes lie to get out of trouble.  Think about your own childhood.  Can't you remember at least one time that you lied. because the lie was easier than accepting the consequence?  The point to this section of the book is that parents are the long term answer to a child's success.  We, as teachers, can touch a child - maybe even change a child or save a child - but long after we have come and gone in a child's life, the parent will be there.  Ron implores parent to be the difference in their own child's life.  Right on, Ron!

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