Friday, December 16, 2011

Traditions I Love

Every school has traditions, especially around the holidays.  At our school we have a huge holiday tree that decorates the entry way and has a picture of every single child in the school.  It wouldn't be Christmas at Chets without walking in each morning and seeing that big holiday tree.  Another tradition is our 12 Days of Cookies.  The 12 last days before the break, teachers, who want to participate, bring cookies and candy and put them on a buffet in the Office and then anyone that wants can stop by for a little sweet cheer.  I always stop by, even though I don't often partake.  I do love that the office often has the smell of the holidays.  M-m-m-m-m.

Another tradition that I love is the ornament exchange.  I don't participate in this group of 20, but I love that 20 women on our staff decided eight years ago that they love homemade ornaments, so each year they each make 20 ornaments and then meet one night near Christmas at someone's home and exchange the ornaments.  I love that the tradition was grass roots.  Someone always brings the samples to school.  It just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get to see the beautiful handmade ornaments that this group makes. 

I think traditions should continue because they make sense to the people involved.  They are special.  They evoke emotion. They should die when they are no longer meaningful.  It's easy to overdo this time of year to the point that you enjoy nothing because you are trying too hard to make everything perfect.  It won't ever be perfect.  Giving ourselves permission to make the special very special and to discard that that is simply obligatory or without heart, just makes good sense to me.  May your school traditions make this the merriest, most joyful holiday ever!

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