Saturday, May 12, 2012

Parents' Celebration

It's that time of year when many classroom celebrate Mother's Day.  In Mrs. Ruark and Mrs. Timmons' kindergarten classroom they combine Mothers and Fathers and have a "Parents Day" Celebration.  They invite mothers and fathers in for a brunch between the two holidays.  This year they decorated the desks with placemats made by the chidren and with  "Happy Parents Day" cards.  They added fresh flowers to each table.   Each child practiced going to get his waiting parent in the hallway and invited them into the room.  The children were so proud to be walking their parents into the room and showing them their placemats and cards.

The agenda was posted on the board.
The parents and children started by eating!
They played a few games.  For one of the games, the parents sent in baby pictures and as the pictures flashed on the screen each child and parent tried to guess who it was.  The parent child combination with the most matches won a prize.  I don't know who enjoyed the game more - the parents or the children!

The highlight of the morning was the booklet that the children presented to their parents.  The children had worked on them all week in Writers' Workshop.  Below is one example.
Such a wonderful morning of celebration!