Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where to put the word wall?

In first grade the word wall can be massive.  Not only do you put the kindergarten review and first grade sight words, but you need pattern words so that students can look at a word and see that they can make other words (If I can spell cake, then I can spell make).  It's always a challenge to find a space in the room for such a large project.  This year we decided to use the only space left in our room for such a large activity - the ceiling!  I know that in many classroom the fire regulations are very strict and that may be a problem for us before it's all over, but we're going to give it a try.  The success will be if the students actually use it!
We found this nifty tool to get the magnetic words from the white board to the ceiling without a ladder.  Pretty cool, huh?  The children are fascinated


Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

Love your "Wall Ceiling" in lieu of "Word Wall" -- things are looking up! :) MM

Toni Chant said...

I love this idea and the tool is perfect for putting the words in place. Cool!