Friday, January 4, 2013

Safety First

One of the changes at my school after the 26 lost their lives in the Sandy Hook school shooting is that we have to have a way to cover the windows in our doors in case of an emergency intruder.  You can't cover the door ALL the time - in case of fire.  A firemen would have to be able to see inside your room and make sure it was all clear, so-o-o our ever-so-crafty homeroom mom made this adorable roll-up window shade.  Love it! 

Another change has been that I now carry a key to my room around my neck - I guess I'm a latch key teacher!  Doors have to be locked at all times... just in case.  It is a line of defense against an intruder.  We have been teaching the children that they may open the door to someone they do not recognize.  It is a sad sign of the times.

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