Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Skill Centers

We changed out our Skill Centers this week.  We retired a few of the Centers since the children have mastered the skills and added some new ones. 

The Center below is a sort of verbs, common and proper nouns and pronouns.

This next center is also a sort but this time the students have to read each word and decide if the -ed ending has the /t/, /d/, or /ed/ sound at the end.

The center below has been one of our most challenging.  Students have to put the unifix cubed letters in order to make compound words.  The two words in the compound word are each in a different color and most of the words are easily decodable with the phonics rules we have learned.  There is also a "challenge" group of words - although nobody has reached the challenge level...yet!

We are reviewing the sight words with partners below.  Each colored set of words represent a nine weeks of sight word - including the first nine weeks of second grade words!
And finally, each child chooses a card with five pictures and has to chose the letter magnets to make the word.  These cards represent words with short and long vowels that use the vowel combinations we have learned this year.

We spend about 15 minutes at each Center with the six children at the table doing the same Center and then rotate.  Sometimes we only get a single Center completed and other days we get three or four complete.  The next time we do Centers we just pick up where we left off.  This is an absolute favorite activity for the children.

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