Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Praying for Rebecca

I work with a family of teachers - a large family - we have over 1300 K-5 students - who have passion, dedication and heart.  We believe that relationships with our students and with our colleagues make the synergy that drives our academic success.  Earlier this year one of our kindergarten teachers was diagnosed with cancer - osteosarcoma.  She is a mother of two year old twins and the loveliest person you'd ever want to meet  The staff has rallied behind her,  providing snacks and meals, and texts, cards, and notes, lighthearted baskets and jokes for her chemo days, endless prayers... Her co-teacher just spent four days with her in Gainesville when she needed someone to accompany her for treatment.  Today Melanie Holtsman, our Reading Coach, unveiled this newest video card to say how much we care.  We decided to all buy yellow theme shirts to wear every Friday in support of Rebecca. She is a remarkable colleague who is a part of our Chets Creek family.  She is always the giver so I am sure this is especially difficult for her, but it is such a powerful example of why I love this place so much! Join us in prayer... Chets Creek Strong!

Update: On June 16, 2014 Rebecca had a full body scan and was declared free of cancer.  She will return to Chets as a first grade teacher in the Fall!


Melanie Holtsman said...

I hope everyone who reads your post or watches the video will stop and say a prayer. Thanks for posting! #TeamRebecca

Wright's Rippers said...

WOW that was amazing! What a fitting song for an amazing faculty. I will add you all to my prayers and please send thanks to the video maker-what a precious and thoughtful gift! Thanks for sharing.