Friday, August 15, 2014

Cart Girl Rides Again!

I am sure all schools have traditions that make them special, but one of my favorite traditions at the Creek is "cart girl."  Cart  Girl is usually the Principal or Vice Principal and sometimes a Coach who takes a grocery cart of snacks to each room during Teacher Planning at the most frantic time - for us, that's Thursday afternoon/ night - right before Friday Orientation for Parents and Students.  You're tired and hot.  You're frantic to get everything finished and in walks someone just to cheer you up. 

I will never forget my first experience at the Creek with someone actually bringing me a snack and asking how it was going and what I needed when I was just about to the point of exhaustion getting my room ready.  I remember thinking - Oh my gosh!  This school really cares about ME!

I know what it is like in the Front Office this week.  Parents are enrolling.  Most have just gotten their class assignments and all those that want a class change are calling.  There are hundreds of decisions to be made.  It is a madhouse up there! No Administrator has time to stop and check on how everyone is doing, but that is exactly what happens. I really do work in a magical place! 

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Toni Chant said...

I agree with you dayle. I, too, remember my first year at Chets when Susan came by my classroom to offer a snack and a drink from the cart. I thought to myself, "Is she checking out my room to see if I have enough stuff up on my walls?" But no, in fact, our brief conversation made me laugh, relieved some of the stress I felt at that moment and was comforted by the idea that someone was looking out for me just in case I had passed out from exhaustion. Oh and by the way, I was told once that I needed to cover my walls in store bought posters but that was another state in another time. Needless to say, Cart Girl rocks!