Thursday, January 29, 2015

Speed Dating at School!

I don't know if you've ever done speed dating, but it's not something this married lady of over forty years has ever considered!  However... as the Leadership Team at Chets Creek pondered a fun way to help teachers get to know each other better (we are almost a hundred teachers strong!), Principal Susan Phillips came up with a novel approach to the problem.  She suggested an activity that resembles "speed dating," with more seasoned teachers on one side and newbie teachers on the other.  She gave each side four questions to start the conversations and then rotated every five minutes!  Oh my! Such a joyful hum of conversation sprinkled with bursts of laughter.  Such a fun way to get to know some new staff members!

The Principal even let us ask her questions to close.  She was really honest with her answers so I'm pretty sure lots of teachers learned things they didn't know about her - but... I'll never tell!

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