Saturday, May 23, 2015

Health Workers Fair

One of the Science standards for first grade is for students to recognize health care workers. To meet that goal first grade teachers organized a Health Workers Fair. 

We  welcomed doctors of one of our students.  The mom is a general practitioner and the dad is a specialist with the liver.  They brought lots of models of the organs and equipment that doctors use to show the children.  As the children left their informative session they gave each of the students a syringe (without a needle, of course!), a mask and a pair of gloves.  Looks like we will have lots of doctors in our midst - they liked pretending to give shots the best!

Next we were visited by former Jacksonville Jaguar player David Garrard. He played quarterback for twelve years in the National Football League.  He and his wife explained the important part that diet and fitness play in keeping us healthy.  They talked about a healthy diet and showed the children some games and exercises that they might enjoy this summer.

Next the children loved seeing Dr. Zenk, known to them as the "Garden Lady."  Dr. Zenk is responsible for the Chets Creek garden that is enjoyed by every student in the school. I think the students were a little surprised to find our that Dr. Zenk's real job is as a general practitioner.  Not only did she remind the students about a healthy diet, but she showed some of the tools that the students might see in the doctor's office.
Finally students heard from Dr. Roberts, a trauma surgeon, and a Life Flight nurse who stressed always wearing a seat belt and wearing a helmet when they ride a bike or skateboard, so they never have to see them!  What a remarkable way to meet our Science standards!

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