Friday, January 29, 2016

It's always been about the children

When I look back on these last 40 years, it is the faces of the children that run through my mind.  From my first class of children that are now moms and dads (and possibly even grandparents! Ouch!) to this latest bunch,  I have worried and even cried over some of these children, but I have laughed so much more and have loved the joy of celebrating their accomplishments.  I once said that it was amazing to me that I could spend my days enjoying the company of children and someone actually paid me for it.  That's basically still how I feel. I have been the luckiest person ever to have been a teacher and to have learned from so many children over the years. For the love of children is the reason I started teaching and it is another group of children, my grandkids, that is the reason I am ending this chapter in my life and moving on to the next.  What an amazing journey this had been.  Little did I know that when God whispered in my ear that this was what I was suppose to do that He had designed a life of such joy for me that would bring meaning to my life and always be one of my happy places. I am so thankful for this incredible journey!

I tried to select pictures of students I have loved and adored for this blog, but there were just too many - hundreds really, so I decided to only choose pictures of special children if I was in the picture.  LOL!  I knew that would cut the selection down quickly as I'm not particularly a fan of having my picture made!  Enjoy some of the children I have adored through the years...
My very first class in Florence, SC, 1970.
 Our Florence County Public Schools had only been integrated
for five years when I began teaching, with the first black child
entering our all-white high school during my Sophomore year in 1964.
1970 was the first year teachers were allowed to wear pants
 to school and only if the top and bottom matched!





 Haley with the angel's voice...
"I have been changed for the better..."
For Asher's Sake

...and as one chapter closes, thus begins the next...


Jayne Gammons said...

Congratualtions! Today is YOUR day. You're off to great places You're off and away! Dr. Seuss Blessings to you my friend, Jayne Gammons
Smart Kids

Ray said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this next journey that is so well deserved!!! We will see you in Redington! God Bless! The Robinson Family

Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

Continue to enjoy your journey... 👑✒💜🙏😚

Mrs. McLeod said...

Much love and appreciation,
Carrie McLeod :)