Sunday, August 19, 2007

...and the dreams begin!

On this first day of school, kindergartners and their parents were greeted by Mickey and Minnie, all the Princesses (Cinderella, Snow White, Belle...), even Captain Hook and Tinkerbell and a host of other Disney characters. They entered the magical Dining Room with its tulle streamers and chandelier to Disney-themed music. As the Fairy Godmother (Principal Phillips on the left) entered, she gave kinder families a chance for last minute pictures and hugs and then asked all the adults to move to the sides of the room so that teachers could escort their little ones to their classrooms. As parents waved good-by and threw kisses, they were invited to join the Queen of Hearts (Media Specialist KK at the right) at the PTA sponsored Boo-Hoo Breakfast.

Thus begins a magical day in which the goal is to "make their day" and "make them want to return tomorrow for more!" Early in the morning each kindergarten class got a tour of the school. Then it was on to a Magic Show. What else would you do on such a magical day? The children returned to class in time to pick up their lunch boxes and money for lunch. The afternoon began with a visit to Cinderella's magical carriage and with the first official class picture. Children returned to their rooms to learn some of the rituals and routines of the classroom and to explore their new environment. The day ended with a chance to go to the Disney-themed bouncy houses, manned by PTA.

I received an e-mail tonight from a parent that plays a game with her young son each night at the dinner table and asks him to name his high and his low for the day. After his first day of kindergarten she said, "He propped his head on his little hand, thought for a minute and in his sweet little voice said, 'Today was so good I didn't have any lows. It was highs and highs and highs....just highs all day!'" :) It really was a magical day!

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