Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

Teachers returned to school on Monday for pre-planning. At Chets Creek we returned to the Magic Kingdom! Everywhere you looked the school was wrapped in magical lights and fairy dust. Each team prepared a skit over the summer. This summer project provided an opportunity to jump start team camaraderie. The Kindergarten Team is pictured at right as they ready themselves for their presentation (back row: Karen Meissner, Maria Mallon, Randi Timmons, our Speech Therapist Moe Dygan, new kinder teacher Cheryl Dillard, Chevaughn Sasso - front row: Elizabeth Conte, Team Leader Debbie Harbour, Meredy Mackiewicz, Julia Lewis -very front: Haley Alvarado). Now, I won't tell you exactly what the Kindergarten Team is wearing under those coats, but they certainly made us believers! They are ready to introduce all of our wee little first timers to Fantasy Land!
After a catered breakfast and each team's presentation (with prizes for the BEST!), the rest of the morning was in the capable hands of Principal Susan Phillips and the Leadership Team. On the left, meet our Leadership and Office Team. They helped plan and provided a fast-paced and fun-filled morning that primed us for the year ahead. Teams competed against each other as they played Disney-themed games. Not only do these "games" give teams a chance to meld together, they also give the Leadership Team an opportunity to observe the dynamics of each team. Woven into the morning was a reminder of our mission and a glimpse into the promise of this new fantasy-filled year. Being at Chets Creek is indeed being a part of the Magic Kingdom! Their dreams...Your future...Our legacy!

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