Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video streaming has Restarted!

Continuing our mission to share what we learn, video streaming started again at Chets Creek this week. These are live lessons that are broadcast as they happen from the classroom to our professional development site, the Schultz Center. Yesterday kindergarten co-teachers Julia Lewis and Laurie Thomson (pictured on the left) video streamed their Readers' Workshop Share Chair, a Writers' Workshop mini-lesson and work session before they stopped to debrief with the kindergarten and first grade teachers who were attending Literacy 101 at the Schultz Center. Later in the day third grade teacher, Jenny Nash, video streamed a Readers' Workshop along with a tour of her classroom to 2nd-5th grade teachers who were also at the Schultz Center attending an intermediate Literacy 101 class.

Today veteran video streamer Michelle Ellis taught a small group lesson in her kindergarten classroom using materials from the new reading adoption while kindergarten teachers at the Schultz Center looked on (pictured on the right). This group of teachers, however, are Literacy Leaders who have been chosen by their own school to be model classrooms in our new reading adoption. As Michelle finished the lesson, her teaching partner, Debby Cothern was at the Schultz Center to help with the debrief.

From now on, I will only be highlighting the first grade streams done at Chets Creek since my focus this year is first grade. For a review of all of the streams including pictures (and sometimes videos!) you can join the educational Ning or check Suzanne Shall, our Standard coach's, blog. There may be a few days delay on getting the videos up since we are doing all the editing in house, so please be patient!

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