Sunday, December 28, 2008

7 Things Nobody Needs to Know

I was tagged by Melanie Holtsman to write 7 things that nobody knows about me. It was really hard because my life is pretty much an open book and those that I share my office with know just about everything, but here goes...

1. As a teenager I was invited to spend a summer as an actortress apprentice with a summer stock company, the Vagabond Players at Flat Rock Playhouse. Besides being a stage and house manager, lighting director, learning to handle props and scenery, I played Rapunzel in the summer children’s production of a play. Rapunzel, Rupunzel, let down your golden hair…
2. I was a Girl Scout, beginning in elementary school and remaining until I graduated from high school. My troop began with 18 girls in second grade and we all graduated high school together. The key was an amazing Girl Scout leader. As a Girl Scout I visited Juliet Lowe’s birthplace in Savannah, Ga., visited the World’s Fair in NYC, mastered first aide, learned to play bridge, and did the only camping I’ve ever done in my life. The picture is of our Senior year in high school (I'm in the front on the right - notice the gloves!)

3. In high school I was voted “Most Talented” in my Senior class.

4. I was the Editor of my college annual - small Methodist girls' college.

5. I became a Special Education teacher because I had an opportunity to travel the southeast as a teen spokesperson for Easter Seals. The year that I was “Miss Teen SC”, “Miss Teen America” was named the ambassador for National Easter Seals. As a result I was invited to travel in my part of the country, to make speeches, to visit children’s hospitals, to be a part of telethons, etc. It was the first time that I had been exposed to children with disabilities. I traveled for Easter Seals for 3 years all over the southeast. The experiences and the families that I met changed my life.

6. As a child and teenager I wanted to be a missionary. If I hadn’t fallen in love with my husband in high school, I think I would have followed that dream. After my first child was born, I tried desperately to convince my husband to embrace missionary work in Africa – he thought I had lost my mind – so I decided to make teaching my mission instead.

7. When my husband went to West Virginia University to finish his doctorate, I took a job as an administrative assistant with a developmental disabilities grant. PL 94-142 (the public law that guaranteed all children a public education) was new. As a result of that job I had the opportunity to open the first classes in the state of West Virginia for severely and profoundly disabled children. I hired and trained the teachers, led the project to write the curriculum, and led the first parent meetings. It is still one of the things that I am most proud.

Now, who shall I tag?


Melanie Holtsman said...

Don't think I didn't notice you trying to hide this post! :) There is NOTHING about you that surprises me but I always learn something new! You really need to write a book about your life dayle. REALLY!

Anonymous said...

1. I was a bridesmaid in a polish wedding in Poland.
2. I play the oboe and played with the Atlanta Lawyers Orchestra for the two years before I moved back to Jacksonville.
3. I am the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association President for Jacksonville.
4. I cook dinner every 2nd Wednesday for the families at the Ronald McDonald house with other ADPi Alumnae.
5. I love to garden and do landscaping projects.
6. I have a season ticket to the Jag games and love going with my friends and family.
7. I love a good reason to dress up and party. My favorite part is buying/shopping for the new clothes and accessories to wear.
A few things about me!
Victoria Groves

Mrs. Lauren Skipper said...

Melanie is right! This past is great and you are always surprising me!! Just tonight we were discussing the Timmons family...Chase was fascinated by the fact that you were Coach Timmons mom and that his wife also works at the school!!

Miss Correia said...

1. I played guitar and sang in a band called "Dark Jane and the Sawhorses"!

2. After high school I had a full scholarship to college for singing.

3. I love the show Top Chef on Bravo TV.

4. I enjoy working in my yard.

5. I am a 4th degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do.

6. I have been to Cuba several times in my life.

7. As a teenager I performed in several plays with Y-BAG (Youth of the Beaches Art Guild).

Ms. Happ and Ms. Johnson said...

I love that your were a girls scout all the way through your senior year of high school. Today so many people don't stick with activites very long. I love your white gloves(a tradition I am thankful has faded)!!