Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Reports: "All About Me"

As first graders start writing reports, we encourage them to write about something they know lots about. Now what do first graders know more about than themselves?! Below is an example of one first graders' "All About Me" report. Notice that he has learned to use the conventions of using photographs and a Table of Contents in this nonfiction piece. There is also evidence of his editing as he tries to add some more interesting descriptive words! Each page is followed by a transcription of his words.
Table on Contents
1. What I Look Like
2. What I Dream About
3. My Family
4. My Favorite Place

I look like my mommy. My eyes look like sky blue. My hair looks like light brown. My skin color looks like ice cream tan. I am three foot. My age - 7. Born 2001, September 2. Born in Georgia. I am a twin. I have a twin sister named Mattison

I dream about being a Georgia Bulldog football kicker. I hope I be number five. 5- THAT'S AWESOME!!! Because I practice kicking of the ball every day.

My Mommy looks like me. Her name is awesome. It's Monica. She's 5 foot 4. She's almost the biggest. She's 33. My Daddy is cool. His name is Joe. His age - 35. He's the biggest in the house. My twin sister, she's 3 foot tall. We're almost the same. Puppy named Hank. He's a weeny. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee.My favorite place is the awesome soccer field. I have a awesome number five! 5! My team name is very cool - Team Chili's. We won 5 games. We lost 0 games. We got 5 ties. I have a special cool ball. It's cherry red and white like white papers. Our jersey color is water blue and sand white. My position is ball passer. I pass the ball and sometimes I'm goal keeper. I don't let the other team score a goal. My team socks color is yellow and fireman red.

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The Science Goddess said...

I love the picture at the top of the post. Teeth are important to first graders!