Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Readers' Workshop

Readers' Workshop in Kindergarten begins on the second day of school. In Mrs. Alvarado's class she gathers the children on the carpet, teaches them the song that will let them know it is time for Readers' Workshop each day and then explains to them that Readers' Workshop is a time that we learn all about reading. She shows the children the baskets of books she has placed on each table and tells them that they will be "reading" the books today. Of course, a couple of the children pipe right up and say, "I can't read!" She goes on to open a picture book, shows the children a picture and tells them that even when they can't read the words that they can "read" the pictures. After all, that's what all good readers do! This is the beginning of teaching children to retell stories that they know from the pictures and teaching them their first comprehension lesson of looking at the pictures to get the meaning of the story. Happy Reading, Kindergartners!

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