Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shared Reading - Pumpkin Style

Shared Reading is a way to present text for an entire group of students to enjoy at the same time. By definition the teacher has a common text, such as a chart or big book, that the entire class can see at the same time. Kindergarten teachers often use shared reading to teach seasonal songs and poems. In this case, Haley Alvarado presents the fall favorite, "Five Little Pumpkins." The students first learned the poem as the teacher pointed to each word. They found sight words and learned the sequence words, first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Next they practiced fluency by learning to say the green words using expression. Finally today they practiced individual parts with their pumpkin props by having the class read the verse and letting individual children take a turn to read a single line.
"... and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!"

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Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

The pumpkins are adorable! We also had our pumpkins chanting this class favorite - don't you just love these seasonal shared reading activities!MM