Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writing About a Shared Event

We had our traditional Literacy Character Parade last week. Each child wore a costume and brought a book to represent one of their favorite book characters. This shared event was lots of fun for the students, so to infuse that same enthusiasm into the Writers' Workshop, we made individual writing paper for each student using one of their pictures from the parade. How excited the children were to see their picture on their writing paper! Because they were able to skip the drawing, they spent the entire time writing. Below is one example of a kindergarten student's writing about her photograph at this special event during a single writing work session. You can see the results of this student's last few conferences with the teacher as she is now using a capital I when referring to herself, is using spaces between words and is beginning to use "stop dots" or periods at the end of her thoughts.
I went to the
parade and I saw my
mom was there.
I love you Mom and Dad.
I was a mermaid.
I had a mermaid
book. I keep the
book in my mom's car.

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