Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Florida Writes!

While kindergartners don't take our state writing test, the Florida Writes (thank goodness!), I was involved anyway this past week as a scribe for a 4th grade Special Education student. I had practiced with my student many times in mock assessments to get ready for the big day. As the children who had scribes gathered in the Media Center, Special Education teacher Debbie Rossignol was there to give each child a little squirt of "attitude spray"! Although she actually sprays a little water through a squirt bottle with a fan, the children are convinced that the squirt gives them the extra confidence they need to write a "6" paper. Then she sprinkles a little magic dust (glitter) on each child's head for good luck! Tammi Sani, another Special Education teacher was there to give out peppermint gum to "stimulate the brain"! It's all in fun! I'm sure all of the children would have done just as well without all the fuss, but it did drive any stress right out of the room as the children tried to hide their smiles as they walked to their writing place. All in all, it was a FUN day! Think 6!

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