Saturday, February 6, 2010

UV Nail Polish

Yesterday I was observing in a first grade Teacher Meeting because they were doing something that interested me. As part of their celebrations to begin the meeting, they talked about the awesome "Starry Night" Solar System Science unit they had just finished. One of the activities that they loved was beads they had purchased that changed colors when taken out in the sun. The lesson was around UV rays which is such an important concept if you live in Florida! I happened to mention that several years ago I had a pedicure and the nail polish had the same effect. My toenails were painted white and when I went outside they turned a bright pink. I thought it was too cool! The polish used the same theory. I told them I had looked for the polish since coming to Jacksonville but couldn't find it, but I thought it would be such a fun thing for the teachers to use with the unit. Before I got home one of the first grade teachers, Beth Roberts, had e-mailed a place that I could order the nail polish! That's what I LOVE about Chets Creek! Teachers get excited by new ideas and are so collegial in their learning! I count my blessings every day to have the opportunity to learn here!

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