Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I think for all high performing schools - especially schools that have lots of parent volunteers - Mother's Day is day when mothers are invited into the classroom for a special "something." At our school, different teachers at our school do different things including...

  • asking Moms and kids to come dressed up - wearing their Sunday best. After all it's a very special day!
  • inviting both Moms and Dads for a Parents' Day since Father's Day is always when we are out of school (I love "Muffins for Moms and Doughnuts for Dads")

  • serving simple or extravagant breakfast or luncheons, usually provided by the teacher, since you're entertaining the moms in your class - everything from muffins and juice to a complete smorgasbord

  • a card - sometimes a poem such as the "tea poem" with tea bags or a handprint poem or cloze poems that each child has completed about their mom with drawn pictures of the child and mom

  • some type of performance - some are prerecorded (flip videos of each child saying "Happy Mother's Day", why I love my mom and blowing a kiss or a PowerPoint of baby pictures sent in by the family and the audience guessing who it is and then a current picture showing who it is) and others present live performances such as songs with motions and props, sign language songs, poems read by the entire class, acrostic poems for something like HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, all with a mother theme
  • a wrapped gift - the most popular right now at our school is buttons threaded on an elastic band for a bracelet - actually I think I'd wear one - wrapped in a toilet paper tube with tissue paper and ribbon at each end
All in all, it makes for a very special day - often with a few tears as our moms and our teachers realize that another year has passed and that we are so proud of our childrens' accomplishments!


Melanie Holtsman said...

What a special event Mother's
Day was in my child's classroom. The songs, the gift, the poems...all priceless and special. But the thing that I treasure the most is that my little ones felt so special to be involved in the planning of this day for their mom. They practiced and whispered and planned. They were as excited as I was. They will always remember it for that reason. Thanks to the wonderful K teachers for taking time out of their busy schedules each day to make the day happen!

Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

This is our time to celebrate the best moms in the world!! You entrust your precious kids to us and we enjoy every minute with them. They were sooo excited for the Mother's Day celebration! I hope they keep this very special day as important as can be forever -- for their very special moms. (quack,quack from the mall-ards) :)MM

Suzanne said...

My most treasured memory is of the Mother's Day luncheon that my child helped host in his Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms for me. The tears streamed freely reading the precious notes and watching the student's perform. Their energy and enthusiasm soaked into my soul and will be a highlight of all my experiences. I appreciate the teachers who take the time and attention to prepare students to honor their mothers. This is one of those valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.