Friday, December 10, 2010

"How to" Be SNEAKY

I have had children write about lots of different topics during procedural writing over the years, but "being sneaky" is a first! The assignment started with children writing a list of at least three things that they thought they were good at and could teach others. Joe (not his real name) listed three things that he thought he did especially well and decided to write about being sneaky. When the teacher tried to discourage him, he said, "but I'm really good at being sneaky!" So she let him go and noticed that he was engaged for the entire Writers' Workshop! Enjoy!
How to Be Sneaky 12-8-10
First I check to see if my Daddy is sleeping. If he is sleeping I go out of my bedroom. I find my DSI. I quickly turn my DSI on. Then I play. If my Dad wakes up, I shut my DSI off. I go to my bedroom. I wait for my Dad to go to sleep.
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Suzanne said...

Now you know why Joe is sleepy in class. LOL!