Friday, December 17, 2010

Polar Express Day

Today was Polar Express Day in our first grade classroom. We all came dressed in pajamas. Jardale forgot to wear his pj's and was crying in the hallway before school. Jacob came dressed in his MVP pajamas and a robe so when he saw Jardale so upset, he simply took off his robe and offered it to Jardale for the day. If there is anything that represents the love of Christmas this season, it is that simple gesture of one friend for another. I just love first graders!

We began the day by writing cards for elderly folks that we had decided would be part of our class giving project this year. The children did such a wonderful job adding season's greetings to some of our most vulnerable citizens. The cards will be delivered to the Plantation, an assisted living facility in Matthews, NC where my mother is a resident.

Next Mrs. Ruark and I demonstrated how to make a cup of hot chocolate (which we would have later in the afternoon as we watched the Polar Express movie - Did I mention that Soma brought his copy of The Polar Express written in Japanese - How cool is that?!!). After reminding the children of all of the details that needed to be in their procedural writing, they were sent to their seats to write directions for making the chocolate drink. We also enjoyed the book read on-line. The children were given the opportunity to share with the class their favorite part of the book. Then we completed a word search based on the book.

After recess and lunch we invited partners to read their hot chocolate directions while their partner made the hot chocolate to see if there were any details left out. What fun! Add a little popcorn and it was just like watching the movie in the movie theatre. As always, the children were enthralled with the story. When the little boy gets the bell back and hears its sound, they clapped! They all said that they could hear the bell too because they believed. Only one little boy made the thumbs down sign as the rest of his friends jumped up and down expressing their absolute belief. It really was a special day spent with a very special group of children!

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