Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Night Under the Stars

Families came to school tonight to enjoy a movie on a giant screen outside under the stars! BUT as the night time temperature dropped to 29 degrees, we had to move the event inside! The children spread out their blankets and sleeping bags and snacked on Moon Pies and Cosmic Brownies as we lowered the lights. We enjoyed a movie as the Magic School Bus traveled through the solar system. Several brave souls lined up outside to view the craters of the moon and our brightest star Venus through telescopes. And don't worry - the kids didn't really spend the night! They all went home so they would be rested for a new day tomorrow!

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Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

It was a very exciting night! Actually seeing the craters on the moon was out of this world. My favorite part of the night, was standing out there with the volunteers and their telescopes, watching the expression on the children's faces when they saw the 'holes' on the moon. The excitement in their eyes kept me warm.