Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

A pajama parade with flashlights, glow bracelets and space pillows in tow 

A galactic breakfast
Dance, teachers, dance!
Today was our big first grade Sleepover! The children began their galactic adventure by parading through the hallways in their pajamas holding their space pillows, flashlights and glow bracelets. They ended to a flurry of flashbulbs as they greeted their parents in the Dining Room for breakfast and a dance fest led by the Principal and the first grade teachers. The rest of the day was filled with fantastic centers.

Teamwork was the theme of our first center as children played spacey games that required them to work together and then identify the skills they used for success.

The students painted frames with the art teachers to go with their astronaut photographs. They ended their time with a space-themed read aloud!

The PE teacher set up a game of asteroids as the children divided into teams and tried to throw the asteroids into a basket - a great way to get out some of their energy!

Songs and dances around the campfire were the theme with our time spent with our music teachers.

The students crawled into a handmade planetarium made from black garbage bags that was one of the coolest activities of the day. There they laid on their backs and went on a simulated ride through space!

The day ended with the Constellation Ball! Laser stars sparkled on the ceiling as the students laid on their backs with their pillows and flashed their flashlights all over the room. Far out! The Media Team then provided dancing and singing 'til you drop!

The students finally landed in the classroom for a final read aloud before they adjourned from their own home base! Tomorrow's a planning day which is a good thing because the teachers will need the rest! May the force be with us all!

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