Friday, February 18, 2011

Lobsters and Sea Stars and Crabs - Oh My!

Our standard-based bulletin board this month is from our last Science unit. The board (beginning on the left) has the standards and then an explanation of the six-day task which includes an engage, several explores and explains, a two-day extend and an evaluation. The board zooms in on a single explore and explain that investigated the survival needs of sea creatures.

The board includes three pieces of student work which are samples of the posters that each small groups made after actually seeing and holding each one of the sea creatures, watching the sea creature in action video, and reading books about their needs. The small groups made a poster of the things that each animal needed to survive and then commentary is included about the lesson with the group, making sure to identify the thinking of individual children.
The board finally includes a picture of the SmartBoard activity where the children moved pictures of pets, wild animals and sea creatures into columns identifying their need for air, water, food, space, and shelter with commentary about how the activity synthesized the several days of lessons.

The board also includes many photographs of the action during the lesson so it is obvious to the reader how engaged the students were throughout this unit of study. What a sea-sational board!

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