Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spirit Week

Although our first graders above don't take our state test, they do get into the action by supporting their intermediate friends. At Chets Creek the week before our high stakes assessment (FCAT) is Spirit Week. On Monday we came dressed in support of our theme - farmers!  Tuesday is was mismatched clothes. On Wednesday it was wacky hair and socks. On Thursday we pulled tee-shirts from the back of our closets from any year and then finally on Friday, the big finale. The students and teachers came dressed as rock stars! The primary students lined the halls to watch the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders parade to an outside assembly featuring skits by their teachers and some of the Jaguar cheerleaders (one of them a former Creeker!) The idea is to rock out and relax before settling down for the BIG test.

I don't know if our first graders really get all that is happening, but if they have older brothers and sisters, they certainly know about "the test." Each primary class adopts an intermediate class for FCAT week. They prepare signs to pump up the intermediate students and provide morning snacks. All in all I hope our first graders get the idea that "the test" is absolutely fun! We'll see...

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