Monday, April 25, 2011


Sometimes children just do things that are so funny that I just have to laugh out loud. Here are two of my favorites!

This is a problem that appeared in math during our unit on patterns. The student filled in the pattern but struggled with what the 18th letter would be in the pattern. When asked about the strategy she used, she wrote, "because I smart!" While I think we do an excellent job of building a child's self confidence, I can't ever remember teaching that as a math strategy!Then last week, this was turned in on a reading comprehension test. The question asks the student to identify the type of story that they just read. I guess the student didn't like any of the answers because he added a fourth - d! He even drew a circle and bubbled it in and wrote his answer - non-fiction. He actually was right! We gave him credit for originality! Although the story was a report, it was non-fiction! Those are his initials - DB with the smiley face inside. LOL!

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Toni Chant said...

These are just a few of the cool things kids do. Teaching and learning is the greatest job in the world! TLC