Sunday, February 5, 2012

100th Day of School

Teachers at Chets Creek take the 100th Day of school seriously from dressing up like they are 100 years old to making their own "100 of something" shirts and costumes!
 Gotta love those canes and "beep-beep" horns!

Each child was also invited to come with a hat, tie or shirt with "100 of something". The creativity was amazing!





sports stickers

Most of the kindergarten classes strung a hundred of something.  To make sure the activity was related to the Math work they are doing, the youngsters used a ten frame - making ten frames of 10.  Some classes included their 5th Grade partners.  I'm not sure who enjoyed the counting more - the kindergartners or the 5th graders!

Most of the kinder classes made some kind of 100 hat. Some of the classes counted 100 stars or stickers for their hats and others counted by 10's.  Some simply celebrated that it was the 100th Day!

Every class also did some type of counting activity for snack.  The kids counted 10 of 10 different snacks, e.g., raisins, gummies, popcorn, chocolate pieces,  pretzels, cereal pieces, marshmallows, cheese crackers, etc.

Of course, each class also did a little of their own thing.  Timmons-Ruark made a list of "100 Reasons Why We Love Maria" because it was Maria's last day before moving.  Mallon-Dillard had the children come in with 100 balloons on the ceiling and had 100 cupcakes to form the numeral 100.  Many of the classes searched for 100 numbered Hershey Kisses and put them on a 100 number chart.   Some classes wrote a list of 100 words around the room. The Kindergartners ended the day with a presentation by Zero the Hero who read a book and had the children do exercises such as 100 jumping beans, 100 jumping jacks, etc.  All in all it was a 100 Perfect Day!

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