Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"How to" Writing

Two kindergarten standard-based bulletin boards feature our writing work this month. "How to" writing is also referred to as procedural writing or part of our non-fiction writing.  One of the kinder classes chose to use class experience with making fun foods as the basis for their writing.  They fixed a food with the class step-by-step and then had the children write about the common experience, using the step-by-step recipe approach.  Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard's kindergarten class wrote about making popcorn, chocolate pudding, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate drizzled pretzels.  Each piece of student work is accompanied by the teachers' commentary.
How to make chocolate pudding
1.First you read the directions.
2.  Then you put the jello in the bowl.
3.Next you put 3 cups of milk.
4.  Finally you wait for 5 minutes.

How to make chocolate drizzled pretzels
1.  First you put the chocolate in the microwave.
2. Next you get the chocolate out of the microwave.
3.  Then you put the chocolate on the pretzels.
4. Finally you put the M&M on the pretzel.

How to make chocolate covered strawberries
1.  First you read the directions.
2.  Then you get chocolate chips.
3.  And pour them in a glass bowl and put them in the microwave
and every 30 seconds to count.
4. And get your strawberries and put the chocolate on.
Eat and enjoy.

How to make popcorn
1.First you turn on the popcorn maker.
2.Next you put two teaspoons of oil.  Then you put the kernels in.
3.Finally you wait for it until it pops.

Now doesn't that sound like a yummy unit!

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Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

The children were so excited for Writer's Workshop and How To writing because they knew they were going to see a demo lesson on making something tasty. Now they are using their How To knowledge as a section in writing a report. It is wonderful seeing the growth in these young writers! :)