Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy 100!

I'm not sure we did anything different than any other class celebrating the 100th day of school today, but we sure had lots of fun!  We started with the children explaining their 100 collections that they brought from home.  My favorites were shark's teeth and Q-tips!  One student just poured Cheerios into a Ziploc.  When we asked if he was sure he had 100 Cheerios, he admitted to not counting so we made him count them during snack!  No free rides.  My favorite collections were the ones brought in by Mrs. Mallon and Mrs, Dillard's class in water bottles!  Love this idea!

Then we made the cutest hats ever.  Not only were they fun but the children had to put 10 dots on each of 10 strips of paper and then write from 1-100.  We used extra bulletin board border so the prep was really fast.  The 10 snack is always a hit! The kids get so excited about counting 10 pieces of 10 different snack foods and didn't realize that they are actually working on counting skills!

The 100 Fruit necklace is another favorite.  The youngsters are encouraged to string 10 of one color before switching colors so they can practice counting to 10 and seeing that 100 is really just ten tens.

We hid 100 Hersey Kisses and then challenged the children to find them and put them on the 100s chart. We did such a good job of hiding the kisses that we still haven't found five of them!  Is it possible that one of the kids ate the missing 5?

I know it seems like everything this year was has been food but we also played the 100 Dice Game and rolled dice, coloring in the sum of each throw to see how many roles it would take to reach 100.
To offset the sweets, we did 100 exercises, but we are the SWEET Shoppe so... we ended the day with cupcakes!
Such a fun day!

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