Saturday, May 25, 2013

End-of-Year Portfolios

It's the time of year to finish each child's portfolio.  We have been collecting work all year so now it's a matter of choosing the pieces that each child wants to include in his final first grade portfolio to represent the year's work.  In writing we include a piece of narrative, a report and a persuasive piece.  These will go in the orange portfolio folder that is kept in the cum file.  It's interesting to look back at the kindergarten work and see how far the students have come.  Specific pieces are added at the end of each year and then at the end of fifth grade the portfolios are given back to the children.  Fifth grade teachers say that the children are fascinated with looking back at the work and often walk down Memory Lane, remembering writing some of the pieces.  Parents also seem to really appreciate the packet when it comes homes. 

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