Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Persuasive Essays

In the middle of our persuasive unit comes Mother's Day.  What a wonderful opportunity for the children to write about why they love their moms or why their moms are the best.  In some ways this was an easy assignment and the children had no problem putting examples and micro stories into their reasons because they know plenty about their moms.  We still required an opening opinion statement and at least three reasons with examples, details, micro stories and then a final restatement of the opinion for closing.  You will notice however, that some of the children had a little difficulty moving from a "letter" to an "essay."  They sometimes wanted to write "Dear Mom" instead of "My mom..."  The children entertained us with "Mom" stories and made us laugh quite often.  It was such a fun project!  I hope the moms enjoy the essays as much as we did.

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