Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's going to be a WILD ride!

Our first day back was full of all the fun and excitement that is the cornerstone of the Chets philosophy.  We are living our theme by taking a walk on the WILD side!

We walk into a lobby this morning, which is amazing.  It even has a real water feature and offers the perfect photo op!
The first activity, as we begin to assemble, is a fun game and... there's always a prize to the winning grade level!
Next it was into the Dining Room where the Principal had assembled the cutest theme-related lunchbox of gifts.
Grade level skits are always one of the highlights if the day.  I won't give away the theme of the skits because "what happens at the Creek, stay at the Creek!"  I will say however, that our group won the prize for the third year in a row!  Woo hoo!
After such hilarious fun, the Principal goes over our scores from last year's assessments and gives us her goals for this coming year.  She reminds us of why we are teachers and what makes the Creek so special.  We each take a personality survey - so that we can get to know our teammates better - and find out if we are eagles, doves, peacocks or owls.  That information will help us all year as we work together.  Then.. it's off to the zoo!  We're off on a scavenger hunt.  One of the things that makes this year's team building different is that technology has become an integral part.  As we find things on the list we have to send a picture to the Principal with our iphones!  The picture below is my team with a zoo keeper - one of many pictures we sent.

We had lunch at the zoo.  Below is one of my new teammates facetiming to her boyfriend in...Afghanistan!

Then it is time for hazing the new teachers at the Creek.  First the Principal gives them a task and they have to entertain us with a chant/song with motions.  They have about eight minutes to get together and decide what to do and then it's performance time.
Finally, the newbies have to take the Chets Creek pledge.
We end the day with the Principal reading our first book of the month for this year, Wild About Books.  What a fantastic day!

As the day ends, I am tired, but leaving with a smile on my face because I am so excited about the new year to come!  That's what the first day back should be -a big family reunion celebrating our love for each other - and total inspiration!

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