Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Week of Readers' Workshop

Readers' Workshop has started!  Yes, READERS' Workshop!  While a few of our kindergartners do come into Kindergarten reading, you might wonder what the rest of the children are doing during Readers' Workshop.   Children begin to read by looking at books and pointing to pictures.  They love to look through a stack of books.  They talk about the pictures. 

With familiar stories, children begin to retell the story as they turn the pages.  At first they might just name pictures but as they mature they begin to retell the story the way they have heard it.  You will hear them use the loud, gruff voice of the big Billy Goat Gruff and the sweet soft voice of the wee little Billy Goat.  That is why we read the same stories to children over and over - so that they will remember the story and the language.  Soon they will be saying, "Once upon a time" and "They lived happily ever after."  Before you know it, they will be pointing out letters and words and will tell you that they can't "read" the words.  That's when you know they are ready for conventional reading!

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