Monday, September 9, 2013

How many teachers does it take to give one test?

I have already posted about my frustrations in giving so many tests to our youngest children, our kindergartners. We are still in the midst of testing (beginning week 4!)  Today we gave a whole group test with an answer sheet. Kids can't write in the booklets.  I'm told it's because the district  can't afford to reprint them for the post test.. So, to accomplish this feat of our 5 year olds taking a test with an answer sheet, with students who don't yet track and many who don't know their numbers and have never used an answer sheet, we used a color coded score sheet (the test was multiple choice).  We stationed one adult at each table of six to keep the children on the right line.  This test situation  is so developmentally inappropriate that all I can do is laugh!

Comment overheard during the test:

Child:  I'm finished.  I circled them all.  Adult:  We haven't started the test yet.

Adult: It's so hot in here.  Is it always this hot?  Answer: Always!  Adult: Then we need to do something about this!  Note to self:  Invite an Administrator into our class more often!

Child:  I think I'm going to hurl.

Child:  Mine aren't in a pattern so I changed them all to As!

Child:  Did you know I had surgery last night because I couldn't feel my arm? 

Child:  When do we go to lunch? I'm really hungry.

Child:  I don't need to look at the pictures because I like Bs.

Adult:  Oh wow! That question was on my general education certification exam!

Child:  Hey look, I have your answer sheet and you have mine!  When did you take my answer sheet?

Child: I'm going to marry Madison.  Madison, will you marry me?

Honestly, I don't make this stuff up!

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Tiffany Saucedo said...

I feel so sorry that they are being tested like this. I would never imagine filling in answer sheets in kindergarten! I wish the people making these decisions would make test taking easier for them. I don't see how they will truly know what the child actually knows if they take a test in this way.